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SKULL RIDER, SR logo Steel and Bronze Squared Ring

SKULL RIDER, SR logo Steel and Bronze Squared Ring

Choose from a variety of rings to add a touch of personality and style to your best outfits. More lightweight and minimal, or rather something heavier and apparent? Whether you want to go for a wedding band-style-ring or a prominent, signet-style ring with a brushed finish, you’re guaranteed to find your distinctive style within our collection of rings.


    Finish Material - Steel & Bronze
    Cord - NO
    Rock - No
    Clasp type - No

    We join the country of elegance, Italy. Where the most prestigious fashion brands frame their collections and reinvent themselves season by season. It is in the fashion capital where the entire Skull Rider jewelery collection has been designed and manufactured, using as always the best materials and inculcating its rogue and biker DNA in each of its pieces.

    Size - M (20/24 TATUM), L (24/28)


    Salvo situações de garantia, não nos obrigamos a aceitar trocas ou devoluções de artigos. Em casos particulares, poderemos aceitar a troca de medidas, nestes casos, os, inerentes, custos de portes são da responsabilidade dos clientes. Por favor, em caso de dúvida, poderá entrar em contacto connosco.

45,00 €Prix
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